Raine Streicher grew up exploring her family's farm gardens in Wisconsin. It was here that her curiosity for creating recipes with fresh organic ingredients began.

At age 8, her culinary career finally got the kick start she dreamed of - her mom and dad reluctantly gave into her pleas to touch the stove.  Over the next several years, she spent countless hours lovingly perfecting recipes that rivaled any restaurant in town. 

Raine’s talent and passion for farm-fesh, local ingredients infused with international inspiration inevitably led her to culinary school. After completing her training, she continued to expand her diverse skill-set at a variety of local Madison restaurants, as well as exploring the local cuisine of cities all over the country.

Her long-term relationships with the best local Wisconsin farmers growing organic ingredients is what sets her culinary creations apart. She is passionate about creating delicious, healthy meals that make it an easy choice to live healthy and thrive.