Danielle Barron is our hero.  No, really, she is a true American hero.  At the young age of 18, Danielle began her eight years of service in the United States Marine Corps.  We feel blessed and humbled to have her in our THRIVE family.

Danielle was among the brave men and women who provided aid and relief during numerous natural emergencies and received the Humanitarian Service Metal for her work.  In her spare time, she picked up some serious skills in martial arts, so our Fitness Director, Dre Nichols, better watch out!

So, what does a deeply caring, empathetic, strong woman do next?  She finds her way to her calling in massage therapy.  Danielle combines her compassion for others with her fierce determination to provide the best therapy for each of her clients' needs.  Her diverse skill set spans a bi-coastal career in cosmetology and massage therapy - including relaxation services at luxury spas, injury and rehabilitation work, and deep tissue techniques.  

What drew Danielle to THRIVE was her belief that massage, nutrition, exercise, and bodywork must be integrated in order to truly live a healthy life.  She is passionate about wellness, which she says includes being strong and healthy - inside and out. 

No THRIVE bio would be complete without us teasing each other a bit.  With our investors having a deep background in technology and software, we can't help but chuckle at this talented, brilliant woman who is so technology-averse that she carries a modern day Trapper Keeper, while her brand new iPhone collects dust at the bottom of her bag.