Corporate Wellness for Today's Employees

In today's market, to attract the best and brightest, companies must offer innovative wellness perks that promote a culture of healthy living and give employees what they want. 

Wellness programs must demonstrate that employers value the well-being of employees:
 both inside and outside of the workplace.  


THRIVE Madison provides Innovative Wellness Programs:

Programs that employees WANT. 

Programs that are affordable and often FREE to employers.


Meal Programs:

Locally sourced, freshly made, nutritious lunches delivered to your office.
Fresh, weekly meal service at a discount for individual employees - delivered weekly to your office. 


On-site Fitness

Group flexibility and stretching sessions with our fitness director to address postural/muscular effects of work.
Group fitness sessions, on-site, that are fun and simple before, during, or after work.
Individual personal training  (on or off-site) are offered at a discount to individual employees


On-site Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapist comes onsite to provide 10 minute neck and shoulder massages.
Full massage sessions (on or off-site) are available at a discount for individual employees

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