Big City Apartment Living and the Art of Eating Healthy Meals

I’m ashamed to admit that my weeknights are increasingly ending with 5 blocks of painful limping towards my apartment as my stiletto-imprisoned feet scream in protest.  Despite the lavish beauty of my high-rise and its ability to still make my heart swell with happiness to live there, apartment living combined with a 50 hour a week work week has taken a toll on my eating and fitness habits.  All too often, dinner is an afterthought solved by a quick dash into the “healthy” salad and sandwich place around the corner on my painful walk home from work.  

Like many of my friends and coworkers, I had convinced myself that the sandwiches, soups, and salads for which I pay an average of $15 per meal had to be low in calories and high in nutrition.  This delusion ended abruptly when I visited My Fitness Pal (who is no pal at all – considering all he gives me is bad news).   I discovered that my meals were running north of 800 calories per night, per this merciless app.

Among young professionals, mid-rise and high-rise apartment living is increasingly becoming the norm.  In Madison, for example, 3,712 apartments are projected to be built this year, with more than half of those apartments slated to be built in the downtown area.  That’s a lot of unhealthy take-out meals carried in shame in elevators filled with neighbors casting glances filled with pity.

Being a busy professional living in a downtown building in a major city can mean that meal and fitness planning go out the window.  Even when I come home determined to prepare a home-cooked meal, I often realize that I don’t even have ingredients to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Unlike the duplicitous app that claims false friendship, a real pal recently turned me on to a company that delivers fresh, fully prepared, organic meals that are between 300 and 600 calories right to my front door.  The meals are served family-style in a portable casserole pan.  They are prepared using locally-sourced, organic ingredients and cost $8.99 per serving – no delivery fee and no tip!  And the best part – no shopping, no chopping, no cooking! I almost feel guilty eating these delicious effort-free, guilt-free meals.  Almost.